At Pocket Scents we firmly believe in offering quality, affordable perfumes, which have similar notes to the big brand perfumes but without the painful price tag, perfumes that last well and can be used lavishly every day.

We make all of our perfumes Eau De Parfum with the exception of a few that must have lower concentration in order to comply with the safety certification requirements of EU Cosmetic Regulation.

We spend a great deal of time testing samples from our suppliers and will only sell those fragrances which meet the high standards we have set, as you will see from the many 5 star reviews on this site and other third party platforms,

these high standards are resonating with our customers, many of whom have made repeat purchases and are now regulars buyers from Pocket Scents.


** Please note the new website is still under construction, certain links will not be functional at the moment but it is fully functional for shopping as usual, we thank you for your patience. **

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MK1 50ml EDP


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