Frequently Asked Questions

Do your perfumes actually smell like the designer brands ?

Our perfumier has worked with some of the biggest names in the cosmetics world and has been producing perfume bases for over 50 years, this level of skill paired with the scientific process of Gas Chromatography ensures that our range of perfumes are probably among the best smell alikes available.

I am allergic to some perfumes, can I use yours ?

All of our perfumes have been subjected to stringent testing and are certified in accord with the requirements of EU1223/2009 ( European Cosmetic Safety Assessment regulations)

All of our products limit known common allergens to within accepted safe levels and all allergens are listed on our product labels, so please read before use, we advise you to use a small test patch first, if you have any reaction, stop using and contact your doctor.

Are your products genuine ?

Yes, please do not mistake our products with fakes and counterfeits, these set out to deceive people into thinking they are buying the original product by copying all of the packaging and branding of the original, they are unlikely to go the effort and expense of getting proper safety assessment.

Our product is quality, genuine, safe to use perfume, packaged as Pocket Scents brand and is aimed at giving our customers great value for their money.

How much money can I save using your perfume ?

Several of the scents we stock would cost you 10 times and over our retail price to buy the original designer brand.

I would like to give your product as a gift, does it come boxed ?

All of our atomisers come in fully branded boxes, our perfumes come in a plain white box with Pocket Scents labelling.

Do you offer any guarantees ?

We are very confident in the quality of our products and are sure you will be very pleased with your purchase, however, if you are not, just return your purchased items and we will refund you in full.

Do your perfumes last ?

The length of time a perfume lasts is determined by several different factors:-

Quality of ingredients used

The way they are blended

Your skin type.

We use quality ingredients that are blended by a perfumier with over 50 years in the industry, most of our perfumes are Eau

de Parfum, two or more times stronger than Eau de Cologne or Eau de Toilette, our perfumes will last comfortably for 6 hours or more on your skin.

Why do you use Aluminium bottles and not fancy glass bottles ?

Perfume is delicate and will be affected and change smell and longevity if left in direct sunlight or heat, by using aluminium bottles we are protecting the perfume from these harmful effects.

French perfumiers Fragonard have been using Aluminium bottles for their high quality perfumes since 1926.

Please see the extract from an article in Hello Magazine below:-

by hellomagazine.com

Professeur de Parfums Roja Dove says perfume will last no longer than six months before starting to degenerate, so don't go saving it for special occasions.

To keep it in tip-top condition, don't have it out on display on your dressing table – sunlight and heat break it down. Instead store it in a cool, dark place.

When you apply it, 80 per cent of eau de toilette and 70 per cent of eau de parfum will have disappeared within four hours.


Why is your perfume so inexpensive ?

The large cosmetics companies spend huge amounts of money on advertising and attractive packaging, take these costs out of the equation and we have a much more affordable product.